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Fearless started off with the following provocative question statement:

India is a proud land of tea drinkers. But is it really tea that we drink or primarily milk and sugar?

While we all love milky chai, it is natural to wonder why a country that supposedly loves its tea, doesn’t drink more of it black. There is enough scientific evidence that Black Tea is one of the healthiest beverages on earth and enjoyed by millions outside India on a daily basis for a delicious caffeine kick.

Rigorous consumer learning of over 6 months in several Indian cities revealed a simple reason: Black Tea made from the chai patti found in most Indian homes is generally bitter. Milk is added to make it taste better.

Consumers and nutritionists told us that if Black Tea could give the flavor, satisfaction and kick of chai, without the bitterness, many, many Indians would make the switch to a healthier, zero calorie beverage to keep their waistlines in check. The immune-boosting and prebiotic benefits of black tea would be an added bonus.

Thus started our journey of formulating, tasting and junking over 1,000+ tea blends before we finally arrived at our Fearless Whole Leaf Black Tea blend (made only from Orthodox Tea Leaves sourced directly from our Jokai Tea Estates). Hundreds of real tea lovers have already given us a stamp of approval – that it makes a flavorful and strong cup of tea, without any bitterness.

Along the way we also learned that spices form an integral part of the tea drinking experience for a large part of the country. This led us to develop India’s first DIY Tea Box (which includes real, ground spices!) and takes customizability and convenience to a whole new level.

The part that we are proudest of about our tea is that it does not require any fancy equipment to make a delicious cup. You can make it just like your daily chai, on a stovetop. With the added benefit that it’s ready in 2-3 minutes. For you to take on your day, fearlessly.

With the love and blessings of our consumers, Fearless will certainly go into other categories to provide healthy and delicious tea solutions but at the moment, we are obsessed with black. And we invite you to #maketheswitch.



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