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A process 150 years in the making.

We cultivate traditional tea-growing techniques and boost it with cutting edge technology to leverage the best of the past, present, and the future

step 1 : Plucking

It starts with a leaf.

Empowering women workers has been a century old tradition of Jokai Tea. And we continue that to this day by donating a pack of sanitary napkin to women tea pluckers’ in Assam for each product you buy.

step 2 : Withering

Lower the moisture. Higher the flavour.

The tea leaves are then spread on a rack to reduce the moisture levels to help the tea roll without breaking. As the moisture reduces, the tea starts to develop flavour and aroma over a period of 12 to 14 hours.

step 3 : Maceration

The secret of Chai Patti

To make our classic CTC tea, we transfer the withered leaves into our Rotorvane which macerates the leaves and re-conditions them into the granular pellets we know as ‘chai patti’. It’s then transferred to a crush-tear-curl machine for oxidation which makes our tea homogeneous, giving way to the classic Indian tea flavour

step 4 : drying

sealing the deal

We dry the leaves by passing it through an oven with the goal of dropping the moisture content to below 3% - which completely stops the oxidation. Doing this forms a hard case on each leaf and seals the flavour and aroma notes.

step 5 : grading

The finer details

Before we can finally bring the tea to you, we pass the leaves through different size meshes and segregate the different shapes and dimensions of teas. We also remove the stems of the tea leaf in this process to give you the finest and cleanest tea blend possible.