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English Breakfast Black Tea
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English Breakfast Black Tea

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    Popularized by the British, the much popular English Breakfast Black Tea is the pride of Assam Teas. We blend our boldest, most robust, aromatic and full-bodied black teas to make an energetic blend that will kickstart your day!

    Add to your routine

    Assam's best orthodox teas are blended in perfect measure to make this bold Breakfast blend that energizes you and also offers a dose of beneficial antioxidants.

    We carefully handpluck our season's best tea leaves with golden tips, an Assam signature. Fired to perfection and to retain the leaf's flavor and nutrients, we pack them garden-fresh to make the boldest breakfast cuppa!

    1. Rich in beneficial antioxidants that boost overall immunity.

    2. Theaflavin, a polyphenol, helps lower risk of cardiac diseases.

    3. Good for lowering risk of Type-2 Diabetes and supports weight loss.

    4. Has prebiotic properties and improves digestion.

    5. Improves focus and memory.

    6. Good for heart-health and reduces oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol.

    Expert blend of Assam orthodox black teas and CTC

    Coppery. wiry black tea leaves interspersed with signature golden tips. Makes for a full-bodied, well-rounded cup of black tea that has a malty mouthfeel. Relish the undertones of forest wood and toasted nuts.


    Typically gets ready in under 4 to 5 minutes.

    1. Bring 200ml of water to a near-boil in a saucepan.

    2. Add the hot water to 1Tsp. (2g) of Tea and let it steep for 3-4 minutes.

    3. Strain and enjoy.

    We don't source, we grow our own tea

    Rolled & Fermented

    The black in our English Breakfast teas

    For our English breakfast black teas, we oxidize it using a mix of traditional and modern processing methods to retain its signature black color, spiced fragrance, signature bold notes, and exquisite malty aftertaste.
    The goal is to spread the moisture evenly on our rolling tables by twisting and pressing the leaves to extract the juices hiding within each leaf.


    Exquisitely Bold

    This brisk Assam tea has a generous sprinkling of signature golden tips which will give you a cup of rich history. The aroma of this cup will waft through your house and you can enjoy a full-bodied cup with a delicious malty aftertaste.

    Heart-Health & Brain Supercharger

    This tea boosts your working memory and focus. Rich in beneficial antioxidants that increase your overall immunity, it boosts your heart health while reducing bad cholesterol.

    Great tea has
    great responsibilities

    We grow and produce our teas applying centuries of learnings, which results into what we call the Fearless Standard; a strict set of principles we won't deviate from and that all our teas must meet. You'll find organic, sustainable and natural teas here, and nothing else
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