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Hibiscus Cinnamon Green Tea Loose Leaf Tin-New

Hibiscus Cinnamon Green Tea Loose Leaf Tin-New

Rs. 349.00

    Deliciously tart and bursting with natural Vitamin C, our hibiscus cinnamon tea is the perfect healthy pick-me-up, hot or iced.

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    Classic Orthodox Black Tea

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    Tangy, red and delicious, blended expertly with our own Hattialli green tea without any artificial colors.
    Rich in Vitamin C, it supports immune function, recharges metabolism, and is sure to uplift your mood.

    Made using real hibiscus flowers, sweet cinnamon bark, and spicy cloves.

    Enjoy the tangy taste of hibiscus and the sweet aroma of real cinnamon in this flavourful green tea.

    Typically gets ready in under 4 to 6 minutes.

    Step 1: Add 1 tea bag to a cup of hot water.

    Step 2: Steep for 3-5 minutes

    Step 3: Enjoy your Hibiscus Green Tea

    Step 4: Add a sweetener to taste

    Step 4: Additional Instructions: Can be brewed hot or cold

    We don't source, we grow our own tea


    The green in our Hibiscus & Cinnamon Tea

    For our Hibiscus & Cinnamon green teas, oxidizing isn’t required. In fact, we heat the leaves before they start oxidizing so it can retain the pure green color at a higher antioxidant level. We do this by roasting or steaming the leaves in our machines, straight after withering.


    Keeps you shining

    The abundance of healthy antioxidants and vitamin-c gives your skin and hair health a glow-up while the cinnamon helps in maintaining a healthy, low blood pressure.

    Keeps you light

    Known widely for boosting metabolism and overall immunity, hibiscus helps you in shedding off that unhealthy weight while improving liver health.

    Great tea has
    great responsibilities

    We grow and produce our teas applying centuries of learnings, which results into what we call the Fearless Standard; a strict set of principles we won't deviate from and that all our teas must meet. You'll find organic, sustainable and natural teas here, and nothing else
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