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Original & Pure Green Tea
Original & Pure Green Tea
Original & Pure Green Tea

Original & Pure Green Tea

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    A Naturally non-bitter Green Tea perfected in the 150-year-old Hattiali Tea garden, this delicious green tea is a single-origin Green Tea that we nurture with great care and carefully handpicked for you.

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    An exquisite offering of our prized Hattiali Tea Estate in Assam, our Pure and Original Green Tea is a league apart in the world. Single-estate Green Tea that is made from artisanal clonal bushes, meant only to grow Green tea, it makes for a smooth, mellow cup. Silver-Handpicked by specialized pluckers, this Silver-tipped Green tea is grown only in small batches to maintain the utmost quality and flavor and is minimally processed to keep the nutrients intact.

    1. Green Tea is loaded with beneficial antioxidants

    2. L-Theanine increases alpha-activity of brain, helps focus

    3. Jitter-free source of energy

    4. Boosts metabolism and adds to weight loss efforts

    5. Improves physical endurance during exercise

    6. Antioxidants help boost overall immunity

    100% Single-estate Hattiali Green Tea. Nothing else, but just that.

    Makes for a smooth, mellow and non-bitter Green Tea with fresh, vegetal notes.


    Typically gets ready in under 4 to 5 minutes.

    1. Bring 200ml of water to a near-boil in a saucepan.

    2. Add the hot water to 1Tsp. (2g) of Green Tea and let it steep for 2-3 mins.

    3. Strain and enjoy.

    You can relish it plain or add a dollop of honey to it!

    We don't source, we grow our own tea


    The green in our Original & Pure Tea

    For our Original & Pure green tea, oxidizing isn’t required. In fact, we heat the leaves before they start oxidizing so it can retain the pure green color at a higher antioxidant level. We do this by roasting or steaming the leaves in our machines, straight after withering.


    Minting health

    The mint boosts your metabolism to relieve bloating, and also enhances your endurance levels during workouts.

    Pure focused energy

    Get a source of pure jitter-free energy with the L-Theanine helping you focus on your work by increasing your brain’s alpha energy with each warm (or cold) sip.

    Great tea has
    great responsibilities

    We grow and produce our teas applying centuries of learnings, which results into what we call the Fearless Standard; a strict set of principles we won't deviate from and that all our teas must meet. You'll find organic, sustainable and natural teas here, and nothing else
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